WWTF Mathematics and Rhizotechnology.
Mathematical methods for upscaling of rhizosphere control mechanisms.
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Root growth simulation
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EGU 2010:
Talk: D.Leitner: Water uptake by a maize root system - An explicit numerical 3-dimensional simulation

DGT Conference 2009:
Talk: J.Santner: Measuring soil solution phosphorus depletion in the rhizosphere of Brassica napus at very high resolution using DGT

RootRap 2009:
Talk: D. Leitner: Comparison of nutrient uptake between an averaged root system model and true 3D simulation
Talk: J. Santner: High resolution determination of soil solution P concentrations in the vicinity of Brassica napus L. roots

Algoritmy 2009:
Talk: D. Leitner: Root Growth Simulation Using L-Systems
Talk: A. Schnepf: FEM simulation of below ground processes on a 3-dimensional root system geometry using DISTMESH and COMSOL Multiphysics

Mathmod 2009:
Talk: D. Leitner: Simulation of Exudation by Root Hairs
Poster: D. Leitner: The Algorithmic Beauty of Plant Roots

Ismom 2008:
Talk: S. Klepsch: A Single Root Model for the Impact of Root Exudates on the Fate of Phosphorus in Soils
Poster: A. Schnepf: The Fate of Phosphorus in Soils - Analysing a Single Root Model

EuroSoil 2008:
Talk: A. Schnepf: Modelling the Rhizosphere: Challenges and Future Perspectives
Poster: S. Klepsch: WWTF-project: "Mathematics and rhizotechnology. Mathematical methods for upscaling of rhizosphere control mechanisms"
Poster: D. Leitner: Mathematical Modeling of Sorption Competition between Phosphate and Root Exudates


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